Arizona DUI Penalties

DUIs in Arizona carry heavy consequences, however the severity of the consequences may depend on several factors.  Jail time, fines and expenses, amount of DUI classes, driver’s license suspension time, etc. may all be affected depending on how much you had to drink at the time of arrest and if you’ve been convicted of any other alcohol/drug related charges in the past.

When you are pulled over on suspicion of DUI in Arizona, you are asked to provide a breath and/or blood sample to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC %).  The officer will collect their sample and read the BAC results. 

If your BAC level reads:

  • 0.08% – 0.14%. — Standard DUI
  • 0.15% – 0.19%  — Extreme DUI
  • 0.20%+             — Super Extreme DUI

Any DUI charge in Arizona carries the following penalties:

  • Jail Time
  • 10 days for Standard DUI (1st offense)
        • 30 days for Extreme/Super Extreme DUI (1st offense)
        • 90 days for Standard DUI (2nd offense)
        • 120 days for Extreme/Super Extreme (2nd offense)
  • Fines
        • $1,250 for Standard DUI (1st offense)
        • $2,500 for Extreme/Super Extreme DUI (1st offense)
        • $3,000 for Standard DUI (2nd offense)
        • $3,250 for Extreme/Super Extreme (2nd offense)
  • DUI Screening and Education/Treatment classes
        • Minimum 16 Hours, Maximum 100 Hours
  • Driver’s License Suspension
  • Ignition Interlock Installation
  • Community Service
  • Traffic Survival School and/or MADD classes
  • Proof of SR22 Insurance

Please note that these penalties are general guidelines given by the Arizona MVD and depending on your specific circumstance, these penalties may be different.  Each type of DUI in Arizona comes with a different set of penalties and the more severe the DUI, the harsher the consequences.

Alcohol Screening Scottsdale can help you get started with your mandated DUI classes through the courts.  If you are not yet convicted of the charge, you are not required to complete these classes.  However, it is recommended that you complete a DUI Screening prior to conviction. To get started, fill out our contact form.  One of our helpful staff will get into contact with you as soon as possible.  We will discuss your specific situation with you and help you in the right direction.

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