Scottsdale DUI

Scottsdale DUI laws are some of the strictest in the nation and, whether you live here or are visiting from out of state, you should be aware of how many drinks can lead you to getting in trouble while driving around our state.

The first thing you should know is that Arizona is a zero-tolerance DUI state, meaning that an officer can arrest you even if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is lower than the legal limit of 0.08-percent. The officer will make a judgement and if they feel you are driving while impaired, at any level, he or she can arrest you for DUI.

How Much Drinking Can Land You with a DUI in Arizona?

If the legal limit is 0.08-percent that means you can safely have three drinks if you are a 220-pound man and two drinks if you are a 160-pound woman. For this purpose, a drink is considered 12-ounces of five-percent alcohol beer, five-ounces of 12-percent wine, and 1.5-ounces of hard liquor such as vodka or whiskey. Not a lot of drinks can lead you to a Scottsdale DUI arrest and possible conviction.

There are other factors that can affect these levels and each person reacts differently, but if a police officer thinks you are impaired while behind the wheel, they have legal grounds to arrest you in Arizona. Moreover, it is illegal to drink alcohol in public in our state, unless you are in a private property. You can purchase alcoholic beverages between 6 a.m. and 2 a.m. the following morning in Arizona.

Drinks with the Most Alcohol Content

If you want to enjoy a night out with your significant other, friends or family without having to worry about having one or two drinks and being able to drive safely without getting a DUI in Scottsdale, these are some things you should consider when choosing that drink.

In general, spirits have a higher alcohol content than beer or wine. Some of the worst offenders are certain rum brands, such as Bacardi, which has an alcohol content as high as 75-percent, Vodka that in some cases gets up to 80-percent alcohol content, and others such as whiskey, brandy or gin.

When you feel like enjoying yourself at a restaurant and drinking some beer or wine, you can also get in trouble if you decide to get behind the wheel. Depending on how many drinks you have, you can put yourself at risk with an Arizona DUI. The best thing to do, to avoid this, is to use a designated driver or call a taxi. It is not worth risking losing your driving privileges or hurting yourself, your family, or someone else over a few drinks.

Arizona DUI Data in Recent Years

In 2017, the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) released the latest data relating to DUI incidents. The data was compiled with information provided by over 80-agencies.

According to these records, there were nearly 93,000 more traffic stops in 2017 than in the previous year, however, there was only a slight increase in DUI arrests in Arizona. This could be due to the aggressive education campaigns promoting safe driving.

The data also indicated that law enforcement agencies in the state made nearly 1.5 million traffic stops and arrested over 26,000 people for DUI offenses in 2017, an increase of less than 300 arrests compared to 2016. However, 2017 saw an increase of over 900 DUIs related to drugs than the previous year. The blood alcohol concentration level in 2017 was down .151, from .156 in 2016.

Crashes from Alcohol and Drugs Are Still a Problem

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency, alcohol and drug-related crashes in Arizona are the leading cause of death in the state’s roads and highways. Stopping drivers that are impaired by alcohol or drugs is the number one priority of the GOHS. Arizona continues to put emphasis on highly visible enforcement and effective education programs all across the state.

In an effort to decrease the fatalities that result due to impaired driving, training of our officers is the main focus of state authorities. Arizona is a national leader in DUI enforcement campaigns and strategies. To obtain these goals, the GOHS awarded additional funding for overtime enforcement and training programs that help officers detect the signs of alcohol in drivers. Public awareness with campaigns such as, Designated Driver and Drive Hammered… Get Nailed, is also key to reduce Arizona drunk driving arrests.

Avoid Getting a DUI in the First Place

Law enforcement continues to assign DUI task forces in Arizona, especially during the holidays, where people are more likely to be drinking and celebrating, and then getting into their vehicles to drive. Since 2011, the numbers of DUI arrests in Arizona have been declining, according to data from the GOHS, especially during Labor Day and between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

No matter what you do, it is never a good idea to drink and drive and risk a DUI in Arizona or anywhere else, for that matter. When you get behind the wheel after a night out, you are not only putting yourself at risk, but you are also risking the lives of innocent people you encounter on the road. The best way to avoid getting in trouble is to drink responsibly or stay home if you plan on partying to celebrate a special occasion.

Arizona DUI laws are some of the toughest in the nation and an arrest can not only land you in jail, but you could face heavy fines, and the loss of your driving privileges. Another thing to keep in mind if you do the right thing and find a designated driver is that if you get pulled over and the police finds open containers in the car because your passengers have been drinking on the way home, you can also face charges for having open alcoholic containers in the vehicle. So, you must be smart about how much and what you drink. All drinks are not created equal and drinking those with a higher alcohol content could lead to a DUI arrest in Scottsdale, which can have severe consequences.


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