Hearing that you need to complete a DUI screening may seem a bit scary, but it really can be a beneficial experience. It is often what the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and Motor Vehicle Division (Arizona MVD) expects following an arrest for DUI. In nearly all instances, you will be required to undergo a DUI screening to determine just how involved your involvement with alcohol really is. This can be enlightening to the court, and to you if you have never really looked at your drinking habits as an outsider. Some people come to realize they may actually have a bit of a problem with alcohol following their alcohol screening. For some, it could have even saved their life to find that information out.

What Goes Into a DUI Screening?

The first part of a DUI screening is the DUI interview. These screenings are typically done in person but they also may be completed online. You need to answer each question honestly and give full explanations where appropriate. These questions are there to help you, and the court, see if your mistake was due to a bigger problem, such as a reliance on alcohol. The interview will be conducted in a way where the responses can be recorded, either by recording the actual answers you provide or taking notes as the DUI screener goes.

Once the DUI Screening is over, the results are carefully looked at. The answers you gave are used to determine how much reliance you have on alcohol. To some, this was a single mistake they will never repeat, while others take an arrest for DUI as no big deal. The state wants to determine which end of the spectrum you fall on. If the results show that you believe this was not as big deal as the state believes it is, there may be some alcohol and drug treatment that comes after your day in court. Basically, they want to know how likely you are to make this same mistake again in the future. If the results find that you are not likely to re-offend, this will help when speaking with the judge.

What Happens After Your DUI Screening?

Once your results are tabulated, they are sent along to the courts. The judge gets the chance to look over them and then will speak to you about them when you appear in court. You will discuss your results and what they mean, and the judge will decide if treatment for a problem with alcohol is a mandatory part of your sentence. Typically, the results will come back with a recommendation that you will know about prior to court. If you think, or your DUI attorney thinks, that alcohol and dru treatment could help your case, you can always seek it out before your day in court. That way, when you speak to the judge, he or she can see that you are taking steps above and beyond to rectify your mistake, even without their influence.

If you need to go to alcohol treatment, you will need to find an alcohol and drug rehab facility that specializes in the treatment of alcohol addiction. This is not the easiest addiction to overcome, and a facility with this specific experience is highly recommended. Many believe that because alcohol is legal to purchase, it is easy to give up as well. That is not the case. The more you drink, the more used to alcohol your body becomes. After time, your body completely forgets how to function without the alcohol. This can make trying to give up drinking dangerous for your health.

You Will Also Have Some Class Time to Do Before You Can Move Forward

Once you have been arrested for a Scottsdale DUI, there are also classroom hours that you have to take in order to move forward with the prospect of getting your driver’s license back. Typically, for first-time offenders, you will spend at least 16 hours of alcohol education in the classroom, either in-person or online. This will help remind you that there are options out there you could choose instead of driving yourself home if you have been drinking. Plus, it will also make sure you understand the full consequences of your actions. You may not have thought you were putting anyone in danger, but having anything to drink plus driving always puts someone at risk.

The Experienced Professionals Here at the Stonewall Institute Can Help

If you need to go through any part of the process following an arrest for DUI, from the DUI screening, to the DUI alcohol treatment, you can always turn to us here at Alcohol Screening Scottsdale. We specialize in this type of care and know how to help you get your life back on track. Getting arrested for a DUI can be a difficult challenge to face. The stigma alone that goes with it can be daunting. Instead of letting that get to you, turn to people who know how to help.

When you turn to us here at Alcohol Screening Scottsdale, we know what steps the court wants you to take. We can start you off with the DUI screening, and see what type of results come from that. If the recommendation is alcohol treatment, we can help with that. Our experienced staff knows how to help you overcome the challenges that come with giving up alcohol. We know how to occupy your mind and your body to rid you of the effects of coming down from alcohol.

It is a time-consuming process, but doing it with people who know what to expect can make it easier. You have never done this before, most likely, but we have helped hundreds of people before. We know what steps work and what options to give you, so you can manage this process effectively.

For more information on how to care for yourself, about getting a DUI screening, or about alcohol treatment, reach out to us here at Alcohol Screening Scottsdale. Please contact us at 602-682-7017 and let us help make the process as simple and painless as possible.