People make poor choices all the time, but a DUI arrest in Scottsdale is one that can be avoided. When you have been out drinking, you have options when it comes to getting home safely. You should always keep these options in mind, but more so if you have ever faced a DUI arrest in the past. Becoming a repeat DUI offender is never good. If you are not sure of what options you have, then keep a few names and numbers in your phone of people you can call should your judgment be less than perfect.

Friends and Family Can Help You Avoid a DUI Arrest

Instead of getting arrested for a DUI, you could call a friend or family member if you have been somewhere drinking. While they may not be happy about coming to get you, you both know they would rather come get you now than see something happen to you. Call a few people until you find one that is able to come and get you from where you are. It is never a good idea to get behind the wheel and drink and drive, even if you only had a little bit to drink.

Figure Out a Designated Driver

If you regularly go out drinking alcohol with a group of friends, rotate who gets to be the designated driver for the group each time. There maybe one person who likes to be around the group, but does not drink, who wants this role. Other times, it can rotate among the group members to keep everyone safe.

There Are Car Services Out There You Can Contact

If you find yourself in a spot where you should not drive yourself home, consider reaching out to a car service. This could be you calling an Uber or Lyft, or a similar car service to come and pick you up. It may not be the cheapest route, but it is far less expensive than the fines and court costs associated with a DUI arrest in Scottsdale, AZ. Those can reach several thousands of dollars easily, so the cost of a drive home is nothing in comparison.

You can also call for a limo service. There are many professional car services that will come and get you and make sure you get home safely. Get a town car or limo to come and get you and bring you home. If you are out with a few friends, you can all split the bill, making it even cheaper for all of you!

A Reliable Taxi or City Bus Are Also Great Options

For those in Scottsdale, Arizona or any good-sized city of Arizona, you can also call a taxi company to come and get you. This is not the first call they will get for someone who needs a safe ride home, and they are not going to judge you for calling. They understand that you are not in a position to drive yourself and are more than willing to offer their services. You can even hire the same company to return you to your vehicle the next day if you want, making it an easier prospect.

The other option is to ride the city bus home. There are routes to take you through most larger cities all around Arizona including Scottsdale, so instead of taking the chance of facing a DUI arrest, you could use this transportation option. It gets you home safely, and is very inexpensive, saving you money overmost of the other transportation options on this list.

Should You Face a DUI Arrest, You Will Need to Know These Options

If you find yourself facing a DUI arrest in Arizona, you are going to need to know these options. One of the consequences of facing that arrest is that you lose your driver’s license for a period of time. The length of time depends on how many times you have been arrested for a DUI in the past. However, you are looking at 90 days or more of being without a driver’s license. This means you will need to figure out a way to get around for your everyday activities. You will need some type of vehicle to bring you to and from work, to help you to any doctor’s appointments you may have, to court, and even to the grocery store.

After a period of time (typically after the initial 30 days of the 90-day driver’s license suspension), you will be able to apply for a restricted driver’s license, but only after you complete a DUI Screening for the Arizona MVD. This restricted driver’s license will allow you to drive to and from work, school, and treatment.

Think Before You Go Out and Drink

You must protect yourself from the dangers of drinking prior to going out. Make sure you have a safe ride home before you start drinking. If you are unable to figure out someone to take your home, opt to be the designated driver for the night. Others can then depend on you to drive them home safely, and you have nothing to worry about.

However, should you ever find yourself facing a DUI arrest, make sure you know that you have options. Contact us here at Alcohol Screening Scottsdale today and let us help you figure your next step. Our number is 602-682-7017, reach out to us any time of the day or night.  We’re on your side.