With the holidays fast approaching, it is important your plans reduce the risk of a DUI. It can be a lot of fun to go out drinking with your friends, but you need a safe way of getting around, and eventually, getting home. In order to create a safe night where everyone can have fun without the risk of a DUI hanging over their head, you need to start with a plan. Here are some great ways of creating those plans so you can have a full night.

Set Up a Designated Driver to Avoid the Risk of a DUI

The best and safest way to keep yourselves safe this holiday season is to pick one person who would act as the designated driver. Throughout the entire night, they will drink water or soda, and not indulge in any alcohol. For some groups, there is one person who always tends to drink less, if any at all, or for other groups, this role rotates. It doesn’t matter which you prefer, just pick one person to chauffeur everyone around for the night safely. Just make sure everyone pitches in a little for that person’s gas to help offset the cost of driving everyone around.

Use Public Transportation to Go Wherever You Plan to Go

One of the easiest ways of getting around without a designated driver is to use public transportation. Many cities use the holidays to discount traveling by means of public transportation on heavy-drinking nights like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve so that people move about more safely. You can opt for taking the bus, hailing a taxi cab, or even having someone order a car service between locations. If you plan on using these services, make sure that the cost is split evenly the next day, so no one is left facing the whole bill. There are many different car service options that you can choose from, so ask around and see which will be the best fit for your plans.

You can also hire a vehicle to chauffeur you guys around for the night. There are smaller sedans through SUVs that you can hire. If the group of you is large enough, you can even go so far as to hire a party bus for the night. The bonus perk to that is you can keep drinking between locations if you rent a bus with alcohol on board. This way, the cost can be divvied up before you guys head out, and everyone gets to each location safely.

Consider One Location for All Events to Eliminate the Risk of a DUI

If you want to completely eliminate the risk of a DUI, consider one central location for your holiday events. Having the whole party at one person’s home is a great idea. Then, you can all be in a place where people are familiar, and no one has to go out. You can buy everything ahead of time, making the night easy to just relax and have fun. As people show up, you can take their wallets and keys and put them into a small safe that will get locked up for the night so no one goes anywhere. It keeps everyone safe, and makes it to where no one has to worry about drinking and driving in Arizona.

To some, having a party like this at their home would simply equate to too big of a mess. If that is how you feel, then you can also pick a different venue. For those who want the responsibility of cleaning up left on someone else, you could consider renting out a few connected rooms at the local hotel. This is very reasonably priced since it can be split equally before the event, and no one is left paying for extra cleanup at the end.

What Could Happen if You Run the Risk of a DUI?

For those who do not set up plans ahead of time, they may run the risk of a Scottsdale DUI. This is a large risk to take. A DUI in Scottsdale, AZ could not only affect your night, it could also affect your future. DUIs make it to where you lose your license for at least 90 days, and needing to obtain a restricted driver’s license from the Arizona MVD. You will have to go to Scottsdale court and explain your actions to a judge, followed by a DUI alcohol screening and subsequent DUI education classes. People may look at you differently after a Scottsdale DUI arrest. It can follow you around for many years, especially if it is not your first offense. There are fines and potential jail time that accompanies a DUI arrest in Arizona, too. It is simply not worth taking that risk when there are so many viable options you can make a reality ahead of time.

If you are facing an Arizona DUI, you have help on your side. The experienced professionals here at Alcohol Screening Scottsdale can help you manage what comes next. We know what judges are looking for, and how to help give you the best possible chances in court. The process starts with having a DUI screening, which evaluates just how likely you are to make this same mistake again in the future. From there, if there is any recommendation for you to get help in the form of alcohol rehab, we can also help get that process started for you.

That way, when you appear in front of the judge, you can show that you are taking the time to correct your actions. This shows them that this was truly a mistake and that you are taking proactive steps to never make this mistake again. Sometimes, this will allow the judge to be a little more lenient with their DUI sentencing of you so that one mistake does not dictate the rest of your life.

For more information, call us at 602-682-7017 today. Alcohol Screening Scottsdale can help you show the world that you are more than the culmination of one bad choice.