Have you been trying to figure out how to prevent another DUI? If you made the mistake of getting a DUI in Arizona somewhere in your past, it is very important that you work to avoid future problems of the same sort. DUIs can follow you around and cause all sorts of short and long-term problems. Plus, drinking can lead to lifelong health issues. If you want to stick with your sobriety to prevent another DUI, here are some tips.

Keep Up with Your Alcohol Recovery

You hear it all over the place – recovery is an ongoing effort. It is something you need to focus on each day for the rest of your life. If you forget about making sure you stick with your recovery efforts, you are far more likely to relapse. For those who have been sober for years, it may not take as much of each day to remain sober as it used to. However, it should not be forgotten about, either. Just because you have been sober a while, does not mean it will stay that way without work. Your body, mind, and emotions all need to keep the fact that you once struggled with alcohol present in your life.

Go to Meetings to Prevent Another DUI

One of the easier ways to prevent another DUI is to make sure that you keep your sobriety present in your life. This can be done by attending meetings once or twice per week, or more. This keeps the idea of sobriety and the accountability of your friends with you. Plus, it shows those around you that you still value that sobriety as much as you ever did in the past. You can go to one each week on a schedule, or you can go on days where you feel a stronger struggle than others. Just make sure you keep doing it.

Create a Relapse Prevention Plan

Another important thing you can do to prevent a DUI in your future is to create a relapse prevention plan. Ideally, you created one when you were in rehab, or when you first got sober. However, not everyone had an ideal sobriety situation. Some people did it cold-turkey, on their own, going through misery in the process, while others went to rehabs. If you do not already have one, make sure you go through and create a plan that outlines your efforts to not relapse. For those that have one, make sure that you update it. The longer you remain sober, the more updates you need to make sure your plan still applies.

A relapse prevention plan needs to include people you can talk to about what is going on, and places you can go if you struggle. There should be lists of doctors, therapists, or rehab counselors that you can speak with. Plus, you also need to have alternatives in mind should you ever drink again, so that you do not drink and drive. While you may never want to fall into that rut again, if you ever do, at least have a safety plan in place.

Take Your Body Seriously

During the time since you last drank, your body has gone through some intense changes. The longer you go without drinking, the healthier your body is able to get itself. Listen to your body during your recovery. It is going to tell you what you need, and what you don’t need. Hopefully, during the time since you last drank, you started to exercise. This puts good time and effort into your body. Use that time and effort to keep your body healthy. Think of it this way – if you only allow good things in your body, then alcohol has no place in there.

Educate Yourself to Prevent Another DUI

There are many people who believe that alcohol really doesn’t hurt the body very much. For those people, that is scarily untrue. Alcohol has the potential to do a lot of damage to your body. It increases the chances your body has of developing cancer, plus it can lead to issues like seizures, organ malfunction, and forgetfulness. The more you know about what alcohol can do to you, the less likely you are to put it into your body again. Take the time to look up what your body may struggle with depending on how much drinking you used to do. The heavier your drinking habit was, and the longer it was, the more likely you are to struggle with issues.

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Our resources are here for you, whether you just got a Scottsdale DUI or if it was years ago. Contact us and let us help you with any stage of your situation. We can start off with a DUI screening, if you need one, and move on to tips and tricks to staying sober. Our number is 602-682-7017, and we are here to help you succeed in any way that we can. It is rough going through recovery alone, and it means you are less likely to stay sober over the long-term. Turn to our expertise today, and start making choices that are going to leave you as confident as possible that you will never make that same type of mistake again. Here at Alcohol Screening Scottsdale, we know how to help guide your path. Turn to our experts and feel secure in your future today!