When you struggle with alcohol abuse, it can make every event in your life seem more difficult to handle. You may get easily overwhelmed or constantly feel depressed. Alcohol goes from something you enjoy, to something in control over your life. The only way to get out from the pressure that comes with alcohol abuse is to stop using alcohol. However, that is not always the easiest thing to do. There are times where alcohol has so much of a hold on your life, you cannot get out from under it. Thankfully, you have help if that is the case in your life.

Ways of Coping with Life That Does Not Involve Any Type of Alcohol

When it comes to coping with the ups and downs of life without turning to alcohol, you need to make the choice to do that. You need to make the active choice to ready your home, your lifestyle, and your family for the choice you are making. That way, if you hit a rough patch, they all know how to respond appropriately. Set aside some time to figure out what options you want around, and when you get stressed, start doing one right away. Here are some great options.

  • Lifting weights helps to alleviate stress and gives you something positive to focus on. Plus, it can help get your body healthier than if you were to turn to alcohol.
  • Eating a nutritious meal can help you avoid alcohol as well. By making the choice to put healthy items in your body, you naturally start to avoid the unhealthy items going into your body, too.
  • Picking up a creative hobby can be a great outlet when you start getting overwhelmed with something in your life. Try writing, painting, sculpting, or even baking. Just make it fun.
  • Talking to others who have been where you are is a great way of coping when life gets to be too much. Talk to people at meetings, talk to a therapist, or even talk with friends and family. Just get it out.

What to Do if You Struggle with Alcohol Abuse

So, you have thought about it and there is a slight chance that you struggle with alcohol abuse. Good – at least you have acknowledged that. The choice you have to make now is what to do from here. First, you have to decide if you want to cut down on your drinking, or abstain entirely. While the latter is much more effective at stopping the consequences of drinking from hitting your life, it is also much more difficult. Most people choose to cut down to start, then opt for quitting later. Both are admirable and a step in the right direction.

Should you decide that you want to quit drinking, first of all, know that you are making a choice to be proud of. Second, know that you do not need to go down this path alone. In fact, you should not go down this path alone. Giving up alcohol literally requires part of your brain to rewire itself. You need to take time during this process to let your brain remember how to work properly. The longer and heavier you drank, the longer this process will take. Thankfully, there are many alcohol rehab facilities that can help you with this. Even if you opt to avoid rehab, at least make sure your doctor knows what is going on. You need someone to watch your health, since you won’t be in any position to do it.

Effects of Not Treating Your Struggle with Alcohol

There are many effects that come along with a struggle with alcohol abuse. First, you have the physical problems that come with too much alcohol. You feel sick all the time, and your liver is going to have to work overtime to keep up. Eventually, your liver, among other organs, are going to be overworked and no longer work the way they should. Your memory is not going to be what it once was, plus, you may struggle with problems like circulation issues. Second, you have the mental and emotional problems that come with alcohol. Relationships are not going to be the same after an extended period of too much alcohol. You may lose your job because of calling in sick or showing up hungover. There are many who struggle with the stigma of a DUI. Many people around you are going to see the problem more clearly than you will. That is going to be an on-going problem.

Finally, you also have to deal with the consequences that can accompany a struggle with alcohol abuse. You may always have times where your money is going to your habit instead of paying your bills. This may be an on-going issue until you quit drinking. Your social events will go from what is fun to who is serving the next drink. Your choices will likely also change based on what you want at the time, instead of always doing what is best. These consequences of struggling with alcohol can alter the course of your life. Are you ready for that?

You Have Help to Overcome Your Struggle with Alcohol Abuse

Never make the choice to manage your struggle with alcohol abuse solely on your own. There are many people out there who will help you. They simply need to know you need help. For more information on what options you have, especially if you have already gotten to where you have a DUI on your record, call the experienced professionals here at Alcohol Screening Scottsdale. We understand what goes into DUI hearings, and we know several things that can help get you out from under your struggle with alcohol abuse. You can keep your life and make sure it does not flounder simply because you made a mistake. Take back your life. Start the process by calling us at 602-682-7017 today. We will be right there with you through any part of it we can.